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Sport Physical examination

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What is a sports physical?

This is a preparticipation physical exam. The exam helps determine if a candidate can safely perform a sport of their choosing. A sports physical is recommended in every instance of participation as several latent conditions have been discovered through this seemingly unimportant process due to how simple exports physical could be.

What is included in a sports physical?

The data collected is usually set by the state, as they have particular forms that will need to be completed with: the candidate’s name, vision, weight, age and sometimes hearing. The physical exam part covers every system with particular attention to the heart, and in males genitals and hernia.

How much with this test cost?

It varies greatly from one provider to the other. Make sure you call ahead to find out cost and availability. Some clinics may hold free sports physicals for any particular time and can run as high as your regular physical exam

Does insurance cover sports physicals?

Most insurance cover sports physical. Your doctor’s office can verify with the insurance to make sure that it is a covered service. Remember you may be required to pay a co-pay based on your particular insurance. Also it could serve as an out-of-pocket expense that could go towards your out-of-pocket deductible for instances where the cost of the exam is less than your co-pay.

Can I get my sports physical at an urgent care center?

As an urgent care center the visits are in a walk-in basis for your convenience. All kinds of physical exams are covered. These exams physicals could be: sports physical, pre-employment physical, DOT physicals, travel required physical, USCIS immigration physical. We are open seven days a week.

How long are sports physicals good for?

These physicals are usually good for one year. Some states require a physical completed before every sport season even if they fall within the same calendar year.

Are there any particular conditions of the doctor may be concerned about?

For this process, the special concerns for sports participation in:

Is the visit significantly different for boys?

Majority of the exam would be the same for boys and girls. For boys, during the physical examination, the medical doctor will examine the genitals, including the penis, and testicles. He or she may ask the participant to cough while examining the scrotum to check for hernias.

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