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Immigration medical exam

Immigration medical exam

Immigration medical exam is a major part of the process to becoming a permanent resident also known as a green card holder. This exam is to ensure that the person wanting to become a legal resident does not put the general public at risk. With this in mind, it becomes very clear that certain infections will make you inadmissible to the USA.

This exam is designed to expose any risk the patient or candidate will pose to the US population. This is achieved by going through your medical history and immunization record. There are certain immunization shots that are done in other countries but not done in the USA. The CDC sets the mandates for the shots that would absolutely need to have unless you have documented allergy to any particular shot or it is contraindicated in your condition for example if you were pregnant certain immunizations will be contraindicated.

Conditions are divided into what is known as class a or class B conditions.

Class A conditions.
These are medical conditions that would make you inadmissible. Illnesses or infections specifically lab tested would make you inadmissible if positive and untreated.
Certain psychiatric illness and prior behaviors such as suicidal attempts would fall into this category unless cleared by a psychiatrist that will manage your psychiatric illness.

Class B conditions.
This almost incopasses all medical conditions that do not pose a risk to the general population. Things like high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer ETC.  these conditions however need to be under control. 

The performing physician has to be USCIS approved or a designated civil surgeon. Make sure to verify through the USCIS website.

Make sure to review all the rules regarding when to schedule as this keeps changing. As at the time of this write up, your completed I – 693 form has to be turned in no more than 60 days from the civil surgeon's signature date . Then it remains valid for two years.

Be prepared for the medical exam visit and go with the following:
a valid government issued photo identification card/valid passport
vaccination records
if you have established physicians for any chronic medical condition, please have their information.
Be conscious of time, be punctual.

We have conducted shoulder many of this exam and can be regarded as leading experts in helping you with this crucial step in becoming a USA legal resident.

Daniel Ofodile Husband, Father, and Physician. A seeker of truth. Loves to practice medicine and help his patients be the best versions of themselves.

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