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Direct Patient Care Program


Are you Worried about not having medical coverage?

You do not have to worry anymore. You now can have a Medical provider to care for you for very little.


Are you an Employer unable to provide the type of medical coverage that invariably leads to good retention and Job satisfaction?

Nothing speaks louder than providing that peace of mind of medical coverage does.

For a nominal fee, you can have direct care provided to you and your loved ones. THIS IS NOT AN INSURANCE PLAN, but a guarantee to have your medical clinic fees and access to a health care provider covered and assured. We have, over the years, forged amazing relationships with specialists and can direct referrals but ultimately depends on you to follow any specialist you so desire.

If you have a high deductible, this may be for you. But note we will not submit or connect with the insurance. You will have to turn in your receipt as an out-of-pocket medical expense.


So, why should you consider going with us and for such a new idea?


Because it is a no brainer. Just because you are unable to pay for a regular insurance does not mean you go completely uncovered. This is an option in that regard. Health-seeking habits are improved when you have an established relationship with a provider.

Employers can sign up and have it as a pre-tax deduction and invariably, huge savings for your staff.


Plans Available

Individual $65/month


Individual + Spouse/Domestic Partner/Dependent $110/month Sunscreen


Family up to 4 $160/month


Each additional family member after 4 $40/month



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Services provided with membership

  • Office Visits (scheduled)
  • Urgent Care ($20 from 5 pm to 8:30 pm)
  • Secure Email Interaction
  • EKG
  • Urinalysis
  • Blood Glucose
  • All injection fees (medication costs not included)
  • Urine Pregnancy Test
  • Ear Irrigation
  • Nebulizer Treatments
  • Rapid Strep Test
  • Flu Shot ($25)
  • Well Child Exams
  • Well Baby Exams
  • X-Ray ($20 with formal radiologist report)
  • Sutures $50 (Usually $250 or more)
  • PPD placement and reading


Manage chronic pain:

  • Blood pressure management
  • Diabetes
  • hyper or hypothyroidism
  • Hyperlipidemia
  • Some chronic pain from arthritis
  • Chronic opioid will need to see a pain specialist

All referrals needed can be arranged. Please note this membership does not cover specialist fees.

Yearly Wellness Exam that will include: complete metabolic panel, complete blood count, lipid panel, Hemoglobin A1c, Thyroid stimulating hormone, Lipid panel, guaiac stool. Anything else will need to be agreed upon before the blood draw.


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