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More than 90 million people each year make a trip to the doctor’s office for personal injuries, including complications from those injuries. While that number sounds high, the fact is occasional injuries are a part of life. At Rapid Response Urgent Care, Dr. Daniel Obi-Ofodile has experience treating a wide range of injuries while providing fast and effective care. Save yourself a costly trip to the ER and head to Rapid Response Urgent Care. Call to schedule your consultation or stop by the office today.

PI Q & A

What are personal injuries?

Personal injuries are physical injuries that occur to you or another person. They include injuries you might cause to yourself and those caused by another person or medical condition.

What types of personal injuries are there?

Since the term “personal injury” can include so many types of injuries, they’re often grouped into a few different categories based on their cause. Some of the most common include:

Work accidents and illnesses

Some lines of work might put you in danger for certain types of injuries. Construction, for example, may involve a higher risk of physical trauma from falling objects.

Motor vehicle or road accidents

Car or pedestrian accidents are a common source of personal injuries, such as whiplash or spinal injuries.

Crime or abuse

Injuries experienced during a crime such as an assault, mugging, or domestic violence.

Musculoskeletal issues

Sometimes we can sprain a body part, or even tear a tendon, through normal day-to-day activities. Athletes are at particular risk for these kinds of injuries.

Home accidents

Slips, trips, and falls are common injuries you might incur around the house. You might also experience cooking cuts and burns or pulled muscles from moving furniture.

How are personal injuries treated?

How Dr. Obi-Ofodile treats your injuries depends on the nature, cause, and severity of your injury. In many cases, Dr. Obi-Ofodile provides one or a combination of the following treatments:


Pain medication is a common personal injury treatment and is often crucial for enabling the rest of your recovery plan.


Strains, sprains, and minor fractures all benefit from rest and immobilization while the affected area heals. Dr. Obi-Ofodile might provide a cast or sling to help the area remain immobile during recovery.


Lacerations and other open wounds often require stitches to close the wound and allow healing.


Some wounds, particularly burns, require bandaging to protect the skin from infection and allow proper recovery.

No matter the type of injury you’ve suffered, Dr. Obi-Ofodile has the experience and tools necessary to provide inexpensive top-of-the-line treatment. Call Rapid Response Urgent Care in Pearland, Texas, to schedule your consultation or visit today.